Here at GeoSense Drilling & Engineering (GSDE), we are more than just drillers. We are a drilling contractor made up of Geotechnical Engineers and Geotechnicians. With extensive experience in the field of geotechnical and environmental investigations, we understand that today’s ever changing world needs innovative solutions to ensure that client requirements and expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Our team has over 15 years of drilling experience in a variety of formations and conditions.

As experienced engineers and geotechnicians, we understand that when clients engage a drilling contractor they require more than just boreholes drilled and we believe this is what sets us apart. Having this background gives the client peace of mind knowing that work will be carried out diligently, without fuss and with an understanding of current legislation and standards. Our goal is to put ourselves in the clients’ shoes for each project, to provide unrivalled services focusing on client satisfaction and cost effectiveness, without compromising on quality, the environment and above all safety.

GSDE is a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) and currently hold QLD Class 1 Drillers Licence and Class 2 New South Wales Drillers Licence, this ensures that legislative requirements are adhered to for the safe installation of water monitoring wells, landfill gas wells, NOW (New South Wales Office of Water) piezometers, stock and domestic water production bores. We believe in not only providing our clients with quality installations of water and gas bores that adhere to legislative requirements and construction standards, but also protecting one of our greatest resources from contamination, our groundwater.

Our Values

Initiative - to explore opportunities and embrace innovation to improve our customer service and quality of work. We encourage and support our team members in professional development that adds vital experience, ensuring that we can provide you, the client, with the best possible service and support.

Integrity - to always work in a manner that is ethical, professional and ensure that all equipment is maintained and presented in a manner that represents GSDE to the highest standard.

Respect - to ourselves, our clients, our community, and the environment, acknowledging that everyone should be treated equally.

Safety - to always create a safe working environment for everyone involved in our drilling projects, with an emphasis on the general public’s health and safety.

Environment – we are committed to ensuring that we protect the environment in every way possible with our operations. This includes ensuring that all of our drilling products are environmentally friendly and bio degradable.

Why Choose Us?

As a recently established company, we have acquired an entire range of brand new equipment to provide reliable and efficient work to our clients.

Our strong knowledge and background in geotechnical engineering and environmental sampling gives us an advantage of understanding exactly what our clients’ needs are, and ways that we can exceed expectations.

GSDE offers many services that can help reduce costs to the client and improve productivity. From slab, footing, and pile inspections, to soil and rock logging, to complex drilling programs you can be sure that GSDE can deliver on time and on budget. Imagine the convenience, cost and time saved by not having to send an engineer to site to log and oversee drilling.

We offer highly competitive rates to our new and existing clients and understand the importance of building and maintaining effective working relationships with our clients.